Nurturing Entrepreneurship: Indonesian Government and Food Industry Leaders Explore Startup Financing with GreenPro Capital

✈️🌏 印尼政府带领数十家印尼食业家拜访绿专资本,寻求创业融资的方法和赴美上市之路!期间的分享让印尼的企业家们彻底了解了绿专资本的融资模式,当中包括 Pre-IPO, IPO, STO, 等。同时也邀请绿专资本回访印尼协助当地企业家直接落实国际资本证券化!📊
✈️🌏 The Indonesian government leads dozens of Indonesian entrepreneurs from the food industry on a visit to GreenPro Capital, seeking insights into startup financing and the path to U.S. listing! The entrepreneurs gained a comprehensive understanding of GreenPro Capital’s fundraising models, including Pre-IPO, IPO, STO, and more. They also extended an invitation for GreenPro Capital to visit Indonesia and assist local entrepreneurs in implementing international capital securitization! 📊
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